Project1 : Incheon City Bus Route Management System Reorganization and Efficiency Research
[Sponsorship : Incheon Metropolitan City]

This project is a research service for reorganization and efficiency improvement of city bus route management system in Incheon Metropolitan City. The goal is to establish plans to improve services and streamline financial operations, and to plan bus routes for the short-term target year (2020) and mid-term target year (2024). To this end, our laboratory is in charge of deriving an optimal bus route network and establishing a reasonable operating system.

Project2 : Diagnostics of Power Supplies in Nuclear Power Plants Using Thermal Imaging
[Sponsorship : Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co.,Ltd]

The most important issues in power distribution systems in the field of power supply facilities are the management of maintenance and reliability in such matters as terminal bonding of electrical equipment, insulation cracking and unbalanced loads. These types of problems improve resistance heating by increasing the current. As resistance heating increases, energy is consumed to generate heat, causing unnecessary loss and reducing energy efficiency. Gradual increases in heat can also cause connections to melt or break circuits and cause immediate fire. Therefore, initial precautions against heat or abnormality in the power equipment are essential to prevent failure of the power equipment. Using thermal imaging technology and object detection algorithm, a predicted diagnostic system of power supply facilities was proposed. The system collects thermal image data of power supply facilities through infrared cameras that provide real-time high-resolution images. Detection of objects based on deep learning is used to detect types and conditions of power supply facilities in the image of deterioration. The power supply equipment monitored by the system makes it easier to plan for maintenance based on the data produced, and can detect errors in the initial stage and prevent serious failures in the transmission system network. Thus, failure times, equipment maintenance costs can be reduced.

Project3 : Smart shipyard applying asset management
[Sponsorship : Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy]

This project aims to establish a system to assist the management system across all business and public organizations that have assets. Before this project, asset management was largely decided by the subjective decision made by the expert. Our lab collects and analyzes the large amounts of data needed to manage assets and provides the basis for making accurate decisions.

Project4 : Development of operation and management service technology to increase the available elevator time
[Sponsorship : Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology]

Elevators are the main means of transportation in buildings, and sudden breakdowns cause considerable inconvenience to the movement of people and cargo, and can threaten the safety of users due to inability to cope with emergency situations or causing safety accidents. It is very important to maintain and manage. Foresight-based elevator maintenance and maintenance collects and analyzes various elevator operation data and sensor data to predict the possibility of failure of each elevator according to usage conditions and frequency of use.Therefore, inspections and repairs can be performed before the predicted failure occurs. The purpose of this study is to predict the time of occurrence of hazardous failure.

Project5 : Development of an algorithm to predict the progression stage of Parkinson's syndrome through gait analysis
[Sponsorship : TIPS Institute]

Parkinson's syndrome is a progressive neurodegenerative disease characterized by symptoms such as slow movement, tremors at rest, muscle stiffness, dragging walking, and a bent posture. . The selection of the stage of Parkinson's syndrome is determined by the in charge of the patient based on external symptoms and various types of test results. The cost of the test is high and it acts as a burden to patients. Therefore, this study aims to alleviate the burden by developing a diagnostic reference program for Parkinson's syndrome that converts data to be used for diagnostic evaluation by medical staff through a 3D depth camera, and lowering the test price.


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